The Crystal Singing Pearls

Jill Mattson is delighted to introduce The Crystal Singing Pearls! A set of 8 quartz tuning forks, based on the major scale with A = 432Hz. These powerful instruments are beautifully crafted from pure crystal quartz, and can be used for a myriad of healing and empowering applications, accurately delivering, targeted energy from vibrating quartz crystals.

Just like real Pearls, Mattson's Crystal Singing Pearls are rare treasures of great beauty and value. A wonderful gift for a loved one or a wonderful instrument for the dedicated Spiritual Seeker! The Singing Pearls are natural wonders.

Made in the tradition of other unique Crystal Instruments - designed and commissioned for production by Jill Mattson - the Singing Pearls are an important new product for the serious Sound Healing Enthusiast or Professional. These are heirloom quality and are as powerful as a set of crystal bowls - that cost much more. They are easy to use, and convenient to transport in their own safe, portable metal carry case.

Tuning Forks have long been a mainstay of Sound Healing Practitioners. From ancient times, masters and healers have understood that the direct dosing of specific vibrational frequencies was an effective technique to impart the beneficial properties of sound energy. Tuning forks are an excellent tool perform do these techniques.

Mattson has taken the ordinary metal tuning fork and exponentially enhanced the efficacy. By using pure quartz crystal as the vibrating matrix - instead of aluminum, the typical tuning fork material of construction - an unrivaled vibrational tool results. Light workers acquainted with Mattson have probably read about, or even used her 432 and 528 quartz forks. The Singing Pearls are made through the same process as these. But now there are 8 pure crystal tuning forks included in one set covering the range of C4 - C5; ~257 to 514 Hz.

Tuning forks are the best means of producing a desired vibrational frequency. They are reliable, accurate and easy to use. Mattson works with talented craftsmen to ensure that these unique tuning forks are created with great precision. The unique ability of crystal quartz to produce the purest frequencies is astonishing. Once struck, the matrix of quartz crystals vibrate in-sync releasing pure intonations that ring and resonate - maintaining harmonious energy for long intervals.

Each Fork/Note has its own unique energy!

In her many years of research Mattson has learned that the musical octave C4 - C5 based on A = 432 is a profound tool for Sound Healing... with the Singing Pearls you have a wide ranging tool box to produce 8 frequencies for a wide array of uses. (See table below)

Use one to inspire creativity, another to open the heart and yet another for its soothing & calming properties. Through the principles of resonance one fork will be more appropriate when working with the liver, another with the lungs and yet another with the immune system. This truly is an all-encompassing set. The 8 Crystal singing pearls create the "rainbow notes," the notes of the musical scale - based on the healing scale of A=432 Hz. Each note is associated with a range of emotions, thoughts, chakras, as well as with the healing of portions of your body and mind. This set of 8 forks covers tones needed for the full gamut of emotions, thoughts, spiritual attainment, chakras and physicality.

Set a fork vibrating and "wave" it over the body or lightly place the handle on a chakra. The possibilities are immense.

Set of 8 Crystal Tuning Forks ~ Singing Pearls


Frequency Hz.


Application & Benefits

C4 - RED



Root chakra, love, creativity, compassion; connect to Krisna, AA (arch angel) Chamuel, Kwan Yin, Mary...

D - Orange



Sacral chakra, strength, expression; connect to Dali Lama, AA Cassiel, Masters...

E - Yellow



Solar Plexus chakra, wisdom, grace; connect to Jesus, AA Jophiel, Lao Tse, Sanat Kumara, Hathor, Lady Nada...

F - Green



Heart chakra, truth, healing, growth, abundance; connect to Buddha, AA Raphael...

G - Blue



Throat chakra, faith, power, protection, speak your truth; connect AA Michael, Melchizedek, Mother Mary, Kuthumi, El Moyra, Mahakala...

A - Indigo



Third Eye, psychic skills, intuition, clarity, spirituality; connect to Metatron, Melchizedek, Serapis Bey...

B - Violet



Crown chakra, freedom, mercy, purity, transformation; connect Isis, AA Uriel, St. Germain, AA Zadkiel, Arcturus...

C - Red



Chakra above head, unconditional love; connect to AA Gabriele, Melchizedek, Lord Lanto, Metatron...

The Crystal Singing Pearls can be used to:

  • Amplify Manifesting
  • Lighten your aura
  • Stimulate plant growth
  • Tune spine and body
  • Open & balance chakras including those overhead
  • Link with Angels, Masters and the Rays
  • Feng Shui
  • Clear meridians
  • Target emotional and physical issues
  • Develop clairaudience
  • Upgrade your Akashic Records
  • Serve as a Powerful Talisman for many needs
  • Reflexology
  • Polarity Therapy
  • Healing Talisman

The Crystal Singing Pearls comes with over 2.5 hours of informational videos, including:

  • Discover ancient techniques of pairing chakras to advance your light energies and power
  • Use the set of 8 Crystal Singing Pearls for significantly amplifying reflexology, balance your energy and improving wellness throughout the entire body
  • Use the 8 crystal tones to tune your spine, which improves vertebrae intonation and allows the body to heal itself, while facilitating the rise of kundalini energies
  • Clearing chakras, including chakras above your head and below your feet
  • Explore the body flossing technique
  • Clear the negative and stale energy of any space making it perfect for meditation or discussions - any session where the surrounding energy is important.

To view the videos scroll down to view or go to and click on the course, Crystal Healing with Singing Pearls. A checkout box will appear, add the words for free to download or stream the classes (The price will reduce to zero!).


Dear Jill, Your crystal tuning fork is truly magical! It knows just where to be; whether at places of my body or others', and/or in certain room & building spaces and I just follow as guided. Thank you for creating and implementing (selling) such a fine piece.

Best blessings~Heather Lockett

What I wanted to tell you is my little 4-year-old neighbor who recently moved came to see me with her mom yesterday and made a beeline for the crystal tuning fork. We held it together and I struck it and as soon as she heard the tone, she spontaneously broke into a smile! What struck me about it was she was such a bubbly little thing but now she seemed quiet and wasn't smiling very much. I suspect she misses being in her old room next door to me. The crystal fork worked magic on her! Thank you for all the Light that you bring into the world

Much Love, Victoria

Dear Jill I sounded the crystal tuning fork on my flowers every so often. I did this on one flower bed to see if there would be any difference in growth. The flowers that listened to the crystal fork were twice as big. What is this beautiful instrument doing to me???

Katie Richardson

Thank you so much, we have already used the tuning fork, and I must say, it is wonderful! The kids started to laugh and giggle and I could actually see their eyes getting brighter. They sat down and started to meditate, chanting "OM" My daughter watched in amazement and just smiled! It was like a flower with a tight bud and then watching in slow motion beginning to bloom! We feel blessed, bless you and what you do for all of us in this world!

Big hugs! Jan Phillips

Crystal Singing Pearls or Crystal Bowls?

  • Both are made from quartz crystal - a powerful natural mineral - to produce strong, pure vibrational energy.
  • Mattson's Pearls are more exact in producing a specific frequency than a bowl is capable of.
  • The Singing Pearls are easy to transport and store in their own carry case Metal case - 24" X 17" X 6". Crystal bowls are large and bulky.
  • The crystal tuning forks offer 8 frequencies and are much less expensive than a set of bowls covering the same range of frequencies.
  • The forks are easy to manipulate around your subject - or your own body - and to pinpoint an acupuncture, reflexology point or aura spot.
  • Two, or even more forks can be used together on the same person simultaneously. Often great results can be achieved by using two frequencies together.


Crystal Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral. Its crystalline structure is a continuous network of Si (silicone) and O (oxygen) atoms. The geometry of the SiO2 (chemical formula of Quartz) is a tetrahedron or pyramid shape. Quartz possesses all of the qualities and benefits of natural Sacred Geometry. Silicone (Si) is used in modern electronics to make microprocessors. Extremely pure Si can transmit enormous amounts of information and process instructions at amazing rates. A crystal quartz prism can split white light into the full spectrum (rainbow) of colors - even reaching into the ultraviolet - beyond human perception. Light and Sound are both forms of wave energy, & similarly, quartz crystals can emit and manipulate sound frequencies to great effects.

Each musical instrument creates its own unique harmonics, a pattern of after-sound ripples that go on and on to influence our bodies and consciousness. The material that is producing the vibrations is key - metal instruments emphasize one pattern of harmonics, wood instruments another and crystal instruments yet another! We believe that the properties of quartz crystals are even more powerful when they interact with sonic vibrational energy. Just as a high quality, handmade, seven-metal singing bowl can impart specific energies for each of the metals that comprise it, an instrument made of quartz has unique abilities. Some report that the crystalline structure of the body responds deeply to the oscillations produced by other crystals.

Crystal Instruments

Frequencies produced by vibrating crystals are unique in all the world. Jill's research has unearthed how Ancient Masters used musical instruments made of quartz and other crystals. These instruments combined the energy of the crystals - and of the earth itself - with pristine musical tones. The results were wave-after-wave of clearing energy. Mystics understood the power of crystals to focus and manipulate energy, & have long used wands, made of long slender crystals of pure quartz. These crystal wands channeled energy and psychic information at incredible bandwidths. Everything has consciousness, but the crystal kingdom has "ascended" and it has 5-dimensional consciousness. This higher consciousness deeply influences us when we listen to the crystal tuning forks and their 5th dimensional harmonics. In China and Sumeria, archeologists have unearthed instruments made of rare materials - quartz, gem stones and precious metals such as gold were found. Numerous channeling sessions report that the Ascended Hosts preferred above all else instruments made of crystals, gem stones and precious metals. They report that the harmonics of such materials advance our consciousness and evolution.

Scroll down for videos on how to use tuning forks

8 Crystal singing Pearls

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Videos for Crystal Singing Pearls & Wellness

Crystal Reflexology

Video Runtime: 6.5 Minutes

Dis-ease and lack of harmony has been attributed to subtle energy blockages by many masters. Clear blocked energy flows to specific locations in your body via crystal energies! Give fresh vitalizing crystal energy and massage areas in your physical and emotional realms to achieve vitality and wellness.

Aura communication - Toning with Crystals

Video Runtime: 10 Minutes

Crystal can alter and strengthen your aura, Learn how. Your crystal can send you healing energy, when it is not around. Learn how. Finally try toning with your crystals for a super healing impact!

Balancing and Polarity Therapy with Crystals

Video Runtime: 11 Minutes

You simply must experience this to believe it. Learn how to enhance your aura with these crystal tones AND call in this healing vitalizing energies, when your crystal pearls are not around! Use your voice to expand the healing qualities of Crystal! Learn to "Crystal Tone!" on yourself and to heal others. Finally, communicate with the crystal kingdom!

Strengthening your Psychic Skills with Crystal

Video Runtime: 7 Minutes

Discover an ancient Secret to develop clairaudience for communications with Angels, Masters and Spiritual Guides. Use crystal to open up a new chakra to strengthen and develop your abilities to channel and communicate with spiritual beings!

Ascension through the Spine

Video Runtime: 20 Minutes

Tune up your spine with this method of infusing 5th dimensional crystal energies into each vertebra. The spine is connected to the body's organs and systems and tunes them up as well.

Chakra Chants

Video Runtime: 4 Minutes

This sound meditation uses an ancient secret Chakra Chant used deep within the Egyptian Priesthood Mysteries. The sound pattern pictures are included so people may replicate this for themselves and their clients (energy work, massage and healing modalities.)

Crystals & Chakras

Video Runtime: 7.5 Minutes

Crystal Frequencies of the Crystal Pearls are excellent for tuning the chakras above your Head. Learn how. Use balancing tuning forks to develop, strengthen and balance the chakras! Combine your voice with the Crystal.

Crystal Empowerment - Super Size your Manifesting!

Video Runtime: 23 Minutes

A crystal carries information and radiates signals. Think that our computers use silicon chips (crystal). Experience the sound of the crystal to amplify your Manifesting Energies - amplifying your signals! Use this process over and over. This technique can be used on any crystal tuning fork.

Angelic Energy Healing, making a Talisman and Clearing your Akashic Records!

Video Runtime: 11:40 Minutes

Higher ascended energies and beings can inhabit things in our material world. In ancient times, "gods" (ascended beings) inhabited a statue.... Since the crystal kingdom has ascended, crystal tuning forks are a beautiful home and harmony for a healing angel making a Crystal Fork a Talisman. Learn all about this! Link your Crystal tuning fork to the Akashic records to upgrade whatever energies of yours that can be at this time. I used the same procedure to clear energies from past lives, which impacts the NOW!

Finally, the crystal fork clears negative energies in your home. The fork is "feng Shui" in a tuning fork. This crystal sound clears darkness... in corners, basements, where there was an argument or a cranky person....and adds an angelic energy to your house....... Wow!

Create an etheric gift - a threefold flame!

Video Runtime: 13:05 Minutes

The benefits? Purify your love, embody divine grace, understand others, connect your chakra energies together and enhance your frequencies, health and spiritual development! Enjoy!

What's the Fuss about 432 Tuning Frequency?

Video Runtime: 23 Minutes

The crystal Singing pearls are based on a scale in which A = 432 hertz. Tuning notes impact humanity through resonance - reinforcing tones & chords within. Each different tuning note has a specific impact - mentally, emotionally and physically. How much Crystal Tones impact you varies with your listening dosage, learn about the influence of 432 throughout history and the benefits of it for you!

Introduction to the Crystal Pearls

Video Runtime: 13 Minutes

Care and safety of your beautiful Crystal Forks. How to use crystal forks. The power of the soft vibrational sounds, why use tuning forks, why use crystal tuning forks, how to use the 8 crystal forks - the 8 rays & 8 singing pearls, tonal connections to angels and masters, 8 emotions & accomplishments and your physical body's 8 tones. Use the forks as live harmonics for aura clearing, body energy clearing.


Click Here to get Digital Downloads from CD Baby!

  • Crystal Realms

    Bathe in crystalline frequencies dancing in mesmerizing music. Absorb enchanting music embedded with frequencies of uplifting emotions, a dozen flower essences and twelve crystals!

    The flower music, inspired by exquisite feelings received from the glory of the flower kingdom, delights you with positive emotions - a yummy and transforming state of consciousness. With enough listening repeats, make a habit of these energetic states, slowly transforming your energies to that of a powerful and evolved person. Feel & Heal! Arise!

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  • Deep Wave Body Healing

    The Deep Wave Body Healing CD teaches you how to connect with the consciousness of thirteen major body organs. You too can recognize what they feel like when healthy.

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  • Contacting Angels and Masters

    Guided meditations for contacting Angels, Ascended Masters, and guides

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  • Star Dust

    Enhance Astrological energies: Grow with Star Tones and Elemental Tuning.

    Read more

  • Paint Your Soul

    Paint Your Soul consists of original scores entirely written and preformed by Jill Mattson, and features angelic vocals as well as techniques drawn from Ancient Mystery Schools that employ sound to expand the listener's mind and heart energy. Fibonacci and phi tones and ancient Solfeggio tones are embedded in this soul soothing music!

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  • Healing Flower Symphonies vol. 1

    Frequency-based flower remedies providing catharsis and deep emotional healing.

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  • Healing Flower Symphonies vol. 2

    Frequency-based flower remedies providing catharsis and deep emotional healing.

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  • Deep Wave Beauty

    Revitalize and enhance your beauty with vibrational energy

    Frequency equivalents of nourishing compounds and vitamins

    Tone skin and muscles of face and neck

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  • Cosmic Streams

    Guided meditation clearing chakras using 17 Ascended Master techniques, special frequencies, rhythmic patterns, colors, elements, emotional subtle energies, harmonics, affirmations, and more.

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  • Cinnamist Present

    Cinnamist Present is a pleasing, diverse compilation of traditional contemporary favorites, including remastered versions of Greensleves, Pachelbel's Canon in D, and works of Lennon & McCartney, and Simon & Garfunkel. The instrumental renditions create new life and emotion to iconic music.

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  • Cinnamist Past

    Cinnamist Past is a unique collection of works ranging from 15th century Irish music to Modern American Blue Grass to original works by Ken Hall & Jill Mattson.

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  • The Lost Waves of Time

    The Lost Waves of Time is the mind-blowing story of how music - (the sound vibrational matrix of infinite variety) - literally shaped human history.

    "The Lost Waves of Time will take you back to the beginning and ahead to the potential that we have forgotten. Prepare for a ride through history in a way that will move you to your core. You will recognize information from a deeper inner place that you likely didn't know even existed within in you." - Sharry Edwards, Founder BioAcoustics.

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  • Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing

    This unique book details Jill Mattson's 20-year study of antiquity, as well as state-of-the-art work on the immense power of sound frequencies, in a highly readable volume. Interviews with 12 leading Sound Healing experts provide an excellent primer, and make for fascinating reading on this exciting, emerging field. Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing also includes an unrivaled collection of vibratory techniques used by Ancient Cultures and Secret Societies to transform consciousness, produce physiological changes in the brain, and heal body, mind, and spirit.

    Read more

  • Secret Sounds ~ Ultimate Healing

    Riveting, packed with information and wonders, this is the first authorized biography of Sharry Edwards, who spent her life unraveling the mysteries contained in the human voice. Learn about BioAcoustics, the science of frequency-equivalents (vibratory versions) of physical items available through sound energy: Discover the secret language of the body; improve relationships, understand mysteries in your subconscious, and much more.

    Read more


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Contacting Angels and Masters CD
Deep Wave Body Healing

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MIND'S EYE Sound and Light Machine


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The MIND'S EYE Sound and Light Machine is the ultimate mind machine that enables the user to achieve highly desirable brain-wave state, such as meditation or create energy, at the touch of a button.

The Mind's Eye Sound & Light machine is the ultimate tool to transport the user to special brainwave states after only the first use. This device effectively produces highly desirable states of consciousness for the user, such as a deep meditative trance - the ultimate state, in which your body rejuvenates and heals; simultaneously producing transcending and transformative insights. Tibetan monks spend decades learning these deep meditative techniques, enabling new levels of consciousness and special body control. These same states can be readily obtained by using the MIND'S EYE.

Click here for an article of benefits of different brain wave states that this Sound & Light Machine can give you.

The MIND'S EYE runs 50 programs, each tailored to deliver a specific brain wave state. These programs facilitate emotional and intellectual growth, along with a myriad of personal benefits for the user.

What MIND'S EYE can be used for:

  • Enhanced Learning and Self Development
    Super achievers are powerful learners. And in this information age, knowledge, more than ever, means growth and success. Improve memorization and concentration skills, learn new languages, prepare for tests, and read and comprehend more efficiently. Let the MIND'S EYE Sound and Light machine give you that strategic edge.
  • Stress Management & Deep Relaxation
    Managing stress is absolutely essential for physical health and a sense of well-being. And to be an achiever, you need to have the capacity to stay cool under pressure and perform with elegance in challenging situations. By programming your mind to automatically dip into a state of relaxation, a deep meditative state, you can cut a groove that pays off when you least expect it and need it most - in a completely safe, drug-free, and natural way!
  • Creativity & Change
    Synchronize the right and left hemispheres of your brain and unlock the door to creative breakthroughs. Use the Voyager Sound and Light machine as a tool to access the state of mind where you are most receptive to creative insights. Develop the capacity to make quantum leaps in thought. Trigger you imagination with a light show like you've never seen before!
  • Increased Energy
    What good would expanded mental awareness, grace under pressure, and accelerated learning be without the energy to take advantage of these improvements? The MIND'S EYE and the GALAXY Sound and Light machines are programmed with sessions to help you tap into this boundless energy.
  • Meditation & Rejuvenating Sleep
    When it's time to sleep, you don't want to toss and turn. The MIND'S EYE Sound and Light machine gently soothes your mind and brings restful sleep naturally, without the use of drugs. It can take years to acquire advanced meditation skills, but not with the MIND'S EYE or GALAXY Sound and Light machine. Within minutes you can achieve deep meditation awareness and states.

Testimonials ( hide )

This fabulous little computer (Sound & Light Machine) made a huge difference in my life. I believe that I learned psychic skills, which occur when the brain is functioning in theta brain waves, by using this Sound & Light machine. I made a habit (through repetitive uses of it) of going to theta brain waves and now I no longer need the Sound & Light Machine to do this.

If you have trouble meditating, this is the fast lane to obtain deep meditative states. It quickly takes your brain waves to deep theta brain waves! The Tibetan monks have remarked that this technique helps you achieve a deep meditative state in minutes that took them years to achieve.

When your brain is using theta brain waves, your body repairs and creates many bio chemicals for health. I felt great after getting extra deep brain wave time by using the Sound & Light Machine.

If this was not enough benefits, I often had trouble sleeping. I used the Sound & Light Machine to produce theta brain waves, where I get the benefits of deep sleep. Often I fell asleep from there, but at other times I just remained in a deep meditative state and it felt almost as good as receiving a good night sleep.

My friends used this machine to learn quicker and enhance their IQ. Several reported that it lessened the time to learn a language. Another friend used the "change" settings to quit smoking easily. Finally if you need a little "pick me up," this the energy settings on the Sound & Light Machine made me feel like the Energizer Bunny!

Jill Mattson

Light and Sound Systems or Mind Machines have been on the market for years. Thousands of users have logged many hours on them with virtually no reported ill-effects.

There are some situations and conditions where use of sound and light machines are strongly discouraged. These devices create flickering light, which can cause seizures in persons with photosensitive epilepsy. No medical claims are made for any product on this website, expressed or implied. Our products are not intended for or replacement of additional medical or psychological treatment.

C & G Whole Body Tuning Forks
Forks are in an attractive velvet pouch


C & G Whole Body Tuning Forks NEW

The C & G Tuners are 2 Tuning Forks based on the Pythagorean Scale, also known as the Just Scale. They are also known as Whole Body Tuners. The C & G Tuners are a wonderful way to begin your exploration of tuning forks.

TThey create the special interval in music and sound therapies called the Perfect Fifth. In India, this Fifth is believed to create a sound through which Shiva calls Shakti to the Dance of Life. In Polarity Therapy, this star is the physical body in motion and the motion of subtle energy inside the physical body. These sounds (the underlying colors are associated with are red and green – complementary colors.) are mathematical reciprocals and are used for balancing body frequencies. It is also believed that this is the sound that, the Greek Sun God of Music and Healing, namely Apollo, plucked on his sacred lyre. He did this in order to beckon dolphin messengers to Delphi. Lao Tzu referred to this interval as the sound of Universal Harmony, balancing the forces of Yin & Yang.

It is strongly recommended that if one is starting to enter the amazing world of Tuners, begin with these ones.

These 2 Tuning forks are based on:

  • C - 256Hz
  • G - 384Hz

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[ ▶ ] How to use your Tuning Fork

Human Organ Tuning Forks
Forks are in an attractive velvet pouch


The Human Organ Tuning Forks Set NEW

The Human Organ Tuning Forks are a set of 15 forks, one for each of the major organs and essential parts of the physical body. These forks are tuned to the frequencies of healthy human tissue.

The Human Organ Tuners are a set of 15 Tuning forks. They represent the 15 main parts or organs of the physical human body. An organ is a tissue that performs a specific function or group of functions. Usually there is a main tissue and sporadic tissues. The main tissue is the one that is unique for the specific organ. Theses tuning forks are tuned to the frequencies of healthy human tissue. Barbara Hero & The International Lambdoma Research Institute discovered these.

Sound waves were passed through healthy organs and the frequency was found using the speed of sound.

The 15 Human Organ Tuning forks are based on:

  • UT - 396Hz (=9) (Ut quent laxis)For liberating guilt and fear
  • BloodE 321.9 Hz
  • AdrenalsB 492.8 Hz
  • KidneysEb 319.88 Hz
  • LiverEb 317.83 Hz
  • BladderF 352 Hz
  • IntestinesC# 281 Hz
  • LungsA 220 Hz
  • ColonF 176 Hz
  • Gall BladderE 164.3 Hz
  • PancreasC# 117.3 Hz
  • StomachA 110 Hz
  • BrainEb 315.8 Hz
  • Fat CellsC# 295.8 Hz
  • MusclesE 324 Hz
  • BoneAb 418.3 Hz

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9 Pc Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Fork Set
Forks are in an attractive velvet pouch


9 Pc Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Fork Set NEW

These Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Forks are a complete set of 9 tuning forks which include the 3 missing notes in the sacred frequencies known as the Secret Solfeggio.

The Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Forks are a set of forks in the sacred frequencies known as the Secret Solfeggio. These were discovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo using the ancient Pythagorean method of reducing the verse numbers to their single digit integers, the codes revealed a series 6 of electro-magnetic sound frequencies that correspond to the 6 missing tones of the ancient Solfeggio scale.

These original sound frequencies were used in Ancient Gregorian Chants. The chants and their special tones were believed to give tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in harmony during religious masses. These frequencies can now be produced with the help of these Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Forks.

The complete numeric set of tones is incomplete. If one sequences the first column of numbers of the original 6 solfeggio numbers, one would find 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,; the missing numbers are 1, 2, 9

If one sequences the second number in each solfeggio set of hertz frequencies, one gets 9, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, with the missing numbers of 6, 7, 8.

If one orders the third digit in each of the original 6 solfeggio forks he gets these numbers: 6, 7, 8, 9, 1, 2, with the missing numbers of 3, 4, 5

The complete set gives you a complete sound healing!

The 9 STANDARD Frequencies are:

  • Original 6 Notes
  • UT - 396Hz (=9) (Ut quent laxis)For liberating guilt and fear
  • RE - 417Hz (=3) (Resonare fibris)For Facilitating Change & Support
  • MI - 528Hz (=6) (Mira gestorum)For Transformation, Miracles and DNA Repair
  • FA - 639Hz (=9) (Famuli tuorum)For Connecting & Relationships
  • SOL - 741Hz (=3) (Solve polluti)For Awakening Intuition
  • LA - 852Hz (=6) (Labii reatum)For Returning to Spirit
  • Missing 3 Notes
  • 174 Hz (=3)
  • 285 Hz (=6)
  • 963 Hz (=9)

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Angel Tuners - Set of 3
Forks are in an attractive velvet pouch



Angel Tuners

This tuner enhances your connection to universal energy for manifesting inspiration and a meditative state.

Based on the ninth octave of the Overtone Series, the Angel Tuner opens the passageway to angelic kingdoms. By vibrating your cranial bones, the Angel Tuner opens the gateway for spiritual insights and experiences. This tuner enhances your connection to universal energy for manifesting inspiration and a meditative state, as well as connections with higher powers, visions, and creative expression.

In the Overtone Series, a fundamental tone creates a second tone, which then creates a third tone, etc. These tones ascend in pitch. This rising in pitch of the Overtone Series represents the archetypal images of Jacob's Ladder and the stairway to heaven. Alexander Scriaben, a Russian composer, believed ninth octave overtones would bring forth a new era and unite Heaven and Earth. His last composition "Mysterium" was to be played in India using bells hung from clouds sounding these overtones.


  • Enhances connection to universal energy
  • Spiritual insights and experiences
  • Manifestation of inspiration and a meditative state
  • Connect with higher powers and creative expression

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1 Om Weighted Tuner
Forks are in an attractive velvet pouch


Om Tuner 136.1 (Weighted)

Achieve a state of deep relaxation in seconds with the primordial vibrations of Om.

Physically tune your body to the Om vibration and enter a state of balanced wholeness ideal for healing and higher consciousness. Helps center the body and mind when placed on the rib heads, thoracic vertebra, sternum, sacrum and illiums. Helps meditators and yoga practitioners achieve desired states effortlessly.

The Rishies or spiritual master of India believed that the musical tone sadja or sa, which means the father of all others, to be the musical sound which resonates with the never ending primordial vibration Om. The Rishies arrived at sa through deep meditation. To this day, Indian musicians approach tuning their instruments as a meditation to set the Spiritual tone for a whole concert. The effect of India's meditative music is based on a musician's ability to tune to sa.

The Swiss scientist Hans Cousto, author of the The Cosmic Octave Tuning Forks, discovered how to convert planetary cycles into musical pitches. Using his system the sa corresponds to the sound of one Earth year of the time it takes the earth to circle the Sun. To arrive at the frequency of 136.1 Hz, an earth year is reduced to a second (frequencies are measured in cycles per second). An earth year is 365.242 days and an earth day is 86,400 seconds. When the days are multiplies by seconds the answer will be 315,567,925.9747 seconds equal one earth year. To arrive at an audible sound, 315,567,925.9747 seconds are divided into one (year) and then raised 32 octaves. The result will be the audible tone of answer 32 times the result will be 136.1 Hz. The cosmic note Om.


Hold your Om tuning fork by the stem between your thumb and first finger. Do not apply a lot of pressure. Gently tap the weights on your knees, tapping pad, or palm of your hands. This will set the weights in motion and create a clear, deep and sustained tone. Bring the double-pronged side of the Om fork about an inch from your ear(s) and adjust the distance for volume.

You can use your Om fork directly on the body and acupressure points by tapping your fork in the same way. With the finger or thumb of your free hand, locate the spot on the body where you want to place the tuning fork, then tap your fork and press the single end of the fork's stem onto the spot. Make a firm contact and hold the tuning fork until you feel the vibrations stop. The Om fork is especially effective when placed on the rib heads, thoracic vertebra, sternum, sacrum and illiums. For example, tap the Om fork and press it to your sternum. Close your eyes and feel the vibration. After a while hum Om in resonance with the vibration. Another way to use your Om fork during bodywork sessions is to apply it to the spinal processes of the back and/or directly onto the sacrum (or any bone in the body you wish to bring the harmonic resonance of the Om vibration.)


  • A state of balanced wholeness
  • For deep meditation
  • Center the body and mind

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Set of 6 Solfeggio Tuners
Forks are in an attractive velvet pouch



Solfeggio Tuners

Where does the term Solfeggio come from?

Today Solfeggio is a singing technique used to teach music students how to recognize musical intervals. We are all familiar with the Solfeggio scale either from singing it in elementary school music class or from popular songs like Do Re Me from The Sound of Music.

CDEFGAB Do Re Mi Fa So, La Si

The Christian roots of Solfeggio go back to a Gregorian Chant titled The Hymn to St. John the Baptist, written by Paul the Deacon in the 8th Century A.D. The hymn contains the original Do Re Mi although in the those days it was Ut Re Mi. Ut was changed to Do in the 1600's and the change from Sa to Si is lost to antiquity.

The Solfeggio (set of 6) includes the 396Hz, 417Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz and 852Hz tuning forks.

  • UT - 396Hz
  • RE - 417Hz
  • MI - 528Hz
  • FA - 639Hz
  • SOL - 741Hz
  • LA - 852Hz

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At first I resisted a donation button, but this work is a collective co-creation that uplifts so many people with positive energy-altering music, sound techniques and information. With support I can get more sound healing gifts to enrich the planet's enlightenment. Without more income, I do most all of the work, taking a year to get a new healing tool out, yet I have ideas of dozens of gifts to birth that are waiting. No obligation but, gratefully and in Oneness I AM.

Jill Mattson

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