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For the first time, Jill Mattson's groundbreaking workshops are available in the convenience of your own home at bargain prices. Classes range from 1 to 4 hours, with paradigm-changing lectures and hands-on techniques for you to use! Increase your power, intuition and well-being on every level!

  • New Video Classes with unique and detailed content; easy to learn
  • Paradigm-Shattering Lectures
  • Hands-on Techniques - dramatically improve yourself in many areas - Spiritual & Physical!
  • Increase your Power, Intuition and Well-Being! Powerful Skills that you can really use! Many Fascinating Subjects, (1 to 6 hours)
  • Learn at your own pace and time. Enjoy in the comfort of your home
  • Share with Friends & Family
  • Download videos or just stream on line as many times as you want

The courses can be downloaded and enjoyed at your convenience! You can also watch them on your device without downloading: scroll to the FAQs below the course images for more information.

Scroll down to see courses that are bundled for deep discounts!

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At gumroad.com you can download a free app to view these classes from your phone, device or computer without the bother of downloading the files and this wont take up any storage!

What course is right for you?

There is a wide variety of courses with rich content, teaching methods (like reiki) to use energy to improve everything you can think of! Each course has unique material, although the basics of sound healing are repeated in each so that none have prerequisite work.

Find the class that's right for you using the handy content links below.

Classes for physical & emotional Healing

Classes to enhance contact and communication with angels, masters and spirit guides

Classes to alter your life… Wealth & Relationships etc.

Classes to skyrocket your ascension progress (plus health & consciousness benefits)

Deep Egyptian Secrets & Magic – Revealed! Powerful Transformations coupled with the Egyptian Tree-of-Life Attunements/Higher Consciousness (6 hours of videos + bonus)
  • Learn why we are instinctively drawn to Ancient Egypt. Why has Ancient Egypt endured as the most powerful historical and spiritual mystery of all times?
  • What were the Egyptian Resurrection Frequencies and Tree-of-Life Transformations? Experience ancient "Sound Codes", just like those used in Egyptian Temples to open Powerful Energy Streams!
  • Each Temple taught special techniques employing Higher Dimensional Energies for selfless acts of White Magic: for Healing, Restoration, Fast Spiritual Evolution, Manifesting and altering your life in incredibly surprising ways!
  • Reveal past life memories from the priest and priestess-hood of Ancient Egypt. Find how that information will help you in this life.
  • Understand why the number "432" and the same frequency, have special powers and how the Egyptians employed them. Experience the higher dimensional harmonics of crystals.
$169 $14700 (save 13%!)
Change Your Voice, Change Your Life (2 hours of video + bonus)

Your voice shapes and reveals your personality and health. It illuminates your subconscious mind. Use your voice to cleanse deeper levels of yourself, advance your spirituality and alter your personality - the fast way! Use your voice to benefit your health and achieve your goals in life. Understand hidden messages, conflicts and lies in others. See more details by clicking and scrolling down on this course link.

$77 00
Ancient Sound Healing Secrets (5+ hours of video)

Sound healing techniques from ancient Atlantis, Egypt, China, India & more! Try subtle-energy techniques so powerful, they change Your World! Use sound energy to access higher dimensional energies, activate telepathy, activate 12 strand DNA, recall your life blueprint and communicate with Atlantean Masters. Absorb celestial energy to amplify your frequencies and consciousness. Use Portholes to make Energetic-Changes to alter Life’s Outcomes. Communicate with all of nature! Click for more information!

$111 00
Manifesting with Sound! (2 hours video + attachments)

Realize your dreams! Identify & undo obstacle-energies preventing your goal from manifesting, such as pre-birth contracts, energies of others, astrological energies, etc. Energetically alter genetics, life plans, DNA, karma and astrology to accelerate manifesting. Create manifesting & protective energies for your future self and friends. Speed up your manifesting time. Align your energies to be in perfect harmony with your goal. Click for more information!

$66 00
Heal and Transform with Vibrational Energy! (3+ hours video)

Alter your brainwaves, amplify positive emotions, remove blockages, tune your body and reverse aging with sound. Easy to use techniques. Play with sound and sacred geometry, tune chakras, crystal sing, strengthen your energies and improve your daily life. Identify needed frequencies & learn how to get them. Enjoy: Long Distance Sound Healing, Sound and SacredGeometry, Sound Reiki, Sound to Remove Pain, Your Fundamental Frequency, using TuningForks! Incredibly powerful! Click for more information!

$99 00
Contacting Angels & Masters Class (1.5 hours video)

Recognize & communicate with Angels, Masters and your spiritual guides. Use their divineenergy for manifesting, clearing blockages, clarifying your life purpose and empowering yourpsychic abilities. Access information from different realms to return to your divine, energeticblueprint. Realign to the truth of who you were meant to be! Click for more information!

$55 00
Vibrational Crystal Healing (1 hours video)

Empower crystals for healing, clearing blockages/negative memories, obtaining health,balancing and personal power. Enhance meditation. Heal with your fundamental frequency.Discover: Accessing Crystals when they are Not Present, Communicating with Crystals, CrystalFlossing, Crystals & Sacred Geometry and Crystal Vibrations! Click for more information!

$44 00
Power & Healing from Higher Dimensions! (3.5+ hours video)

Deep, multidimensional healing to clear the source of negative energies, even when it comesfrom different dimensions. (For instance, if one drowned in a past life, he may be terrified ofwater in this life.) Transform negative energy from past and current lives. Gain a treasure troveof information about relationships, choices, career paths and daily life. Leave desired positiveenergy in your future. Click for more information!

$99 00
Chakra Attunements! Dimensional Shifting Power! (7.5 hours + Attunements)

An Attunement, a secret pattern of sounds, shapes and color energies, opens new dimensional and energetic portals. Think to Reiki Attunements, in which viewing the “sacred” shapes opens up dormant portals to allow white light to flow out of your fingertips for healing purposes. Mattson’s Attunements contain audible sacred shapes, the exact frequencies, shapes and colors to – advance your etheric spine and chakras - to carry an immense amount of light. An Attunement can send you soaring upwards... to become, once again, the former higher energetic being you once were and bestow countless, almost unimaginable benefits! Click for more information!

$169 $14700 (save 13%!)

The unique matrix of sound and other energies, combined in a special pattern, is the Attunement. (Remember all energy is fundamentally vibrational.) An Attunement, the secret matrix of sounds, shapes and color energies, opens new dimensional portals. Think to Reiki Attunements, in which viewing the "sacred" shapes opens up dormant portals to allow white light to flow out of your fingertips for healing purposes. Mattson’s Attunements contain sacred shapes, the exact frequencies and colors to - alter your etheric spine and chakras - to carry an immense amount of light. Likewise, Reiki Attunements allow people to open energy streams to heal others. The Attunement in Reiki is the viewing of a sacred symbol. Mattson’s Attunements include the sacred symbol AND matching sounds and colors. All of which increase the Attunement’s potency! An Attunement can send us soaring upwards to become, once again, the former higher energetic beings we once were, as well as bestow countless, almost unimaginable benefits!

Ancient-Sound-Healing Master, Jill Mattson, has recovered the long lost Attunement codes and methods. For the first time ever, Mattson is releasing ten powerful Attunements. Ten powerful, mind boggling Attunements, never before offered:

  1. The Chakra beneath your feet: Recalibrate your energies to Mother Earth and Higher Dimensional beings within the depths of the Earth. This activation reactivates life purposes throughout many lifetimes, so that you may combine and capitalize on them.
  2. The Root Chakra (Front Chakra Attunement & Back Chakra Attunement): connecting to Higher energies within the nurturing Earth and up inside your physical body
  3. The Sacral Chakra (Front Chakra Attunement & Back Chakra Attunement): reestablishing passion for the greater good and ourselves
  4. The Solar Plexus Chakra(Front Chakra Attunement & Back Chakra Attunement): bestowing & restoring power, understanding your life purpose, and powerfully unfolding it
  5. The Heart Chakra (Front Chakra Attunement & Back Chakra Attunement): unconditional love for all
  6. The Throat Chakra (Front Chakra Attunement & Back Chakra Attunement): understanding your voice in your personal life, the importance of your essence and sharing that with large groups of people
  7. The Third Eye Chakra (Front Chakra Attunement & Back Chakra Attunement): Opening your intuition, awareness, and psychic powers for yourselves. Increased awareness of others. Linking and connecting with group energies, thoughts and powerful streams of energies
  8. The Crown Chakra: (Front Chakra Attunement & Back Chakra Attunement) Opening your portal to your Higher Self and integrating that with your human energies. Raising your whole body energies to hold longer and closer connection with your own higher self.
  9. The Causal Chakra: Unifying your physical energies with your soul & accessing your soul’s purpose
  10. The Stellar Intensity Chakra: This functions as an antennae, receiving and transmitting frequencies. Develops telepathy, manifesting & miracles. Enables you to receive and remember teachings from the Solar Logos and Masters. These energies come as light codes, geometric symbols, sounds & archetypical images.
Cosmic Realms - Your Path to the Stars (5 hours of videos, attunements and mp3s)

Light workers’ souls yearn for the fullest reunion with the Higher Energy from the Stars. Satisfy this timeless attraction & discover valuable secrets that you can USE; listen to Jill Matson's Cosmic Realms ~ A Personal Path to the Stars

Jill shows how the earliest peoples opened Star Gates to contact Higher Beings and tap into their Celestial Energies. Powerful Sigils and Cosmic Seals (as described in Revelations) linked to the Stars. Experience these awakenings!

  • Initiate into and strengthen Christ Energy & Consciousness
  • Open Deep Chambers of your Hearts/Merkabas/Portals & embrace Greater Love
  • Bring Liberation and Freedom to this Planet
  • Provide Ancestral Healing, Clearing of Negative Karma
$169 $14700 (save 13%!)

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Testimonials ( hide )

Judy Stitt
My first conversation with Jill about the powers of sound and music was so awe-inspiring that I found myself practically floating on air -- in the rarefied orbit of some unaccustomed altered state.

Chuck Whicker, Phila
I have attended many seminars around the country, but Jill’s class was the best by far! Jill’s vivacious energy and deep knowledge of music, sound and light and how this impacts our total being....coupled with Jill’s sensitive psychic nature; a presentation that is lively, informative, and fun.....she includes ALL questions into her class never breaking stride.........by far ...THE  BEST CLASS I have been to EVER!!!!!!!!!

Laura Pierett
What an abundant workshop! Your teachings are clear, bountiful & mind bending....WOW!!! Awesome info!  You are extraordinary at explaining complex subjects in understandable layman's terms.  It is a rare gift to do that.  So many experts cannot translate their knowledge into terms the people can understand. Thank you!

Janice Weinheimer
I am totally blown away! You simply astound me. Your wealth of knowledge and expertise - I know - you have put in the time - but you have a special gift of teaching as well.

Marion B
Just being in your workshop impacted me physically. My normal tired feeling was gone. Sinus problem better…. My energy level was higher than it has been for a long time. I didn't think I could get to sleep, (of course I did, quite easily). The workshop was fabulous. Very spiritual. Spirit made It's presence known many times. (Sounds and flashing lights). Jill is very gifted, with such a wealth of information. I think everyone at the conference was changed - an uplifting!

John D
Your information is so Fascinating.....so simple....so profound.....so spot on the target.

Patty French
Yours was the most perfect workshop I have attended so far.  What made it so perfect was the love that you displayed for everyone there.  Your attitude of acceptance for different perspectives was exemplary, lending an atmosphere of inclusion rather than exclusion. This is the most perfect environment to learn.  Closing with a personal reading for all 14 of us was the icing on the cake and truly an expression of love.  I was privileged to be present

CJ Fenner
Jill is making sense of the chaos. She is providing a means to keep our power and utilize it. Jill is an example of doing what she loves, all the while bringing love to humanity. She teaches yet sets an example of what love is all about, a free spirit.

Mary Crisman
So much wonderful information at your workshop, much I'd never heard of. It was amazing at some of the things that occurred with the class and the participants. Thank you so much for the most enjoyable workshop I have attended, and there have been many.

School Of Healing - FAQs

Question: How long are the courses?

The classes take much longer than the time of the videos. There is a tremendous amount of information and hands-on activities. You stop the video and practice. Generally the courses would last between 4 - 8 hours if they were live.

Question: Are the courses on a DVD hard copy or downloads?

  • They are downloads, but if you have a tablet or phone, you can use the Gumroad app and view the courses on line!

  • Before you begin, make sure you have downloaded and installed Gumroad Library on your iOS device. Currently, the app is officially supported on all iPhones, iPods, and iPads running iOS7 and above. For Android, install the gumroad Library on your device. Gum road supports 4.1 and newer. Click the open your app button in your receipt. If you do not have an account with gum road, you may have to enter your phone number and receive a login account from gum road. Or just download the gumroad library app and go to your receipt and click open in app.

  • Questions about downloads? Email Gumroad Support. These guys are the experts!

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Digital downloads available at CDBaby

  • Crystal Realms

    Bathe in crystalline frequencies dancing in mesmerizing music. Absorb enchanting music embedded with frequencies of uplifting emotions, a dozen flower essences and twelve crystals!

    The flower music, inspired by exquisite feelings received from the glory of the flower kingdom, delights you with positive emotions - a yummy and transforming state of consciousness. With enough listening repeats, make a habit of these energetic states, slowly transforming your energies to that of a powerful and evolved person. Feel & Heal! Arise!

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  • Deep Wave Body Healing

    The Deep Wave Body Healing CD teaches you how to connect with the consciousness of thirteen major body organs. You too can recognize what they feel like when healthy.

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  • Contacting Angels and Masters

    Guided meditations for contacting Angels, Ascended Masters, and guides

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  • Star Dust

    Enhance Astrological energies: Grow with Star Tones and Elemental Tuning.

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  • Paint Your Soul

    Paint Your Soul consists of original scores entirely written and preformed by Jill Mattson, and features angelic vocals as well as techniques drawn from Ancient Mystery Schools that employ sound to expand the listener's mind and heart energy. Fibonacci and phi tones and ancient Solfeggio tones are embedded in this soul soothing music!

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  • Healing Flower Symphonies vol. 1

    Frequency-based flower remedies providing catharsis and deep emotional healing.

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  • Healing Flower Symphonies vol. 2

    Frequency-based flower remedies providing catharsis and deep emotional healing.

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  • Deep Wave Beauty

    Revitalize and enhance your beauty with vibrational energy

    Frequency equivalents of nourishing compounds and vitamins

    Tone skin and muscles of face and neck

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  • Cosmic Streams

    Guided meditation clearing chakras using 17 Ascended Master techniques, special frequencies, rhythmic patterns, colors, elements, emotional subtle energies, harmonics, affirmations, and more.

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  • Cinnamist Present

    Cinnamist Present is a pleasing, diverse compilation of traditional contemporary favorites, including remastered versions of Greensleves, Pachelbel's Canon in D, and works of Lennon & McCartney, and Simon & Garfunkel. The instrumental renditions create new life and emotion to iconic music.

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  • Cinnamist Past

    Cinnamist Past is a unique collection of works ranging from 15th century Irish music to Modern American Blue Grass to original works by Ken Hall & Jill Mattson.

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