A Compelling Reading and Potent Energy Healing!

Enjoy a past life reading from Atlantis, ancient Egypt, your Star Family, or whatever era you are attracted to! …with renowned sound healer & psychic, Jill Mattson. If you wish, she channels Angels and Masters to give you healing energies. Perhaps, take a trip into your Akashic Records, perceive the deeper understandings of today’s issues, eliminate karma, and remove problems from past lives that cause current problems. Leave energies that you want to manifest in your energy fields.

Have an Angel, Ascended Masters, Planetary Being, Atlantean Master, Jesus, Isis, or whomever you choose to channel your session. These masters will also do energy work on you for your physical body, emotional issue, or situation. Ask personal questions. Ask details about your life purpose. Ask about past life problems that are triggering today’s issues. What fun, illumination, and a blessing!

$127 for 30 minutes. After you order, within a day, you will get a link to schedule the reading.

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Arina Matvejeva
Even though I received my reading from Jill months ago now, I still keep going back to it, and I am still receiving benefits of her channeling. I was deeply moved by Jill's devotion to service and by her transmission. During the session, I was able to access and transform some essential stories from past lives, which were still affecting me. After Jill's reading, I felt whole, integrated, as if some pieces of my soul had returned to me. Following her high intuition and deep spiritual connection, Jill guided me through energy clearing, finding closure and resolution, as well as towards remembering the spiritual gifts which I brought with me into this life. I received new critical insights into my patterns of behavior, relationships and longings. After the session with Jill, I was feeling happy and deeply in love with life! I felt welcomed, honored and loved. In a new way I was able to understand and experience the unity of all that is. Jill shines her humble and very generous presence. She is truly masterful at what she does. With gratitude, Arina Matvejeva

Yes! I immediately started to cry, but it was due to recognition and remembrance. It felt as if I was so moved by Jeremiel’s love and tenderness when carrying us ‘over’. Thank you so much!

From the Jeremiah channel, tears came to my eyes, and I felt comforted as if curled up in a loving, gentle hug of a father. How amazing! I have been seeing signs with Jeremiah on them and kept wondering, what does this mean? The message was lovely and just what I needed to bring peace in my world! Also her music soothes my soul….it also feels like a door is opening. This is a sign of me moving forward! You are a gift to us Jill…blessings

Your teachings and work have shifted my sense of self, renewed hope, and faith in what’s possible for my life to impact others.

Amber in Ocean View, HI
Wow, so powerful! I'm buzzing. I've struggled with eating issues most of my life. I could feel all of the under issues releasing... Thank you.

Helen in Chester
When I saw myself in the records, I was so poor. I had nothing. I saw my tattered clothing. I could FEEL myself at that moment. I started to sob. Then Jill asked us to move to another space, and I instantly felt myself as an observer of myself, seeing ALL the LOVE that I am. That love has imprinted my physical heart. My heart feels so light and expansive. My breathing has changed as well. It is so incredible. I FEEL transformed!!!

Xo Mari Riches
Jill, I was in extreme pain. Afterward, I felt healing immediately, and this morning I am at ease and well. Everything you shared felt so true. Much love and blessings for all you do!

Aniz in Calgary
Wow, that was so intense, very strong, a lot of energy came into my crown, went into my heart chakra, and then I started to spin. A lot of grief got lifted. Thank you so much.

Patti in Phoenix
My voice was quieter, and the power of it came from within instead of trying to forcefully speak with power externally.