Newest Artwork

The following paintings are original oil paintings by Jill Mattson, creating with divine inspired guidance!

All works are Jill Mattson Originals. For more information about oil painting size, emailĀ Please feel free to make her an offer for the painting!

Click thumbnails to enlarge the images.

  • Angel with Angel in Heart

  • Angel with Doves

  • Bird and Lady in Sky

  • Broken Heart

  • Celestial Voyage

  • Deep Dive

  • Divine Inspiration

  • Elf Man

  • Fairy Stigma

  • Girl Hugs Boy

  • Green Lady

  • Heart Dwelling

  • Heavy Load

  • Native American Aura

  • Roaring Tiger

  • Two Birds and Heart

  • Wood Nymph

  • description

    Thorns Ripping

  • Green Girl with Fire

  • Secret Sounds

  • Sister Retreat Star

  • description

    Man With Ball of Energy

  • description

    Chakra Man

  • Young Girl Playing with Energy

  • Bigger Girl with Energy

  • Chief

  • Abstract with Circle

  • Angel With Earth

  • Lily Candle

  • Girl in Heart

  • Angel with Light

  • Neil - New Zealand

  • Jill

  • John

  • Angel Ariel with Lioness

  • Lee

  • Girl with Energy Ball

  • Fairy with Moon in Tree

  • Pyramid Temple

  • Heart Chakra

  • Earthdance

  • Pennrosal

  • Gothic Creation

  • Pixie

  • Angel with Violin

  • Little Girl with Candle

  • Spiral Angel

  • John (2012)

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