The following paintings are original oil paintings by Jill Mattson, creating with divine inspired guidance!

All works are Jill Mattson Originals. For more information about oil painting size, emailĀ Please feel free to make her an offer for the painting!

Click thumbnails to enlarge the images.

  • Afternoon Dock

  • Afternoon Shop

  • Amish Afternoon

  • Ancient Tea Shop in York

  • Aura of the Mountain

  • Canadian Fall

  • Canadian Sky

  • Carribean Home

  • Danish Castle

  • Danish Cottage

  • Dock Rest

  • Dragon's Glory

  • Enchanted Hut

  • Estonian Adventure

  • Fall Market

  • Fall Spirit Alive

  • Forest Wonder

  • Garden on the Lake

  • Gargoyle

  • Good Morning

  • Green Enchantment

  • Between Fall and Winter

  • Ice in the Air

  • Ice Sculpture

  • Into the Sea

  • Into the Spirit of the Wind

  • Lake on the Mountain

  • Late Afternoon Sun

  • Late Afternoon Sun

  • Loft on the Mountain

  • Low Tide at the Border

  • Magic Luncheon

  • Magic Sunrise

  • Medieval Magic

  • Mountain Magic

  • Mystical Enchantment

  • Mystic Evening

  • Mystic Grasslands

  • Mystic Night

  • New Life

  • Northern Waterfront

  • Ocean Fringe

  • Open to the Mountains

  • Oriental Garden

  • Paris Night

  • Peace Dove

  • Peak Experience

  • Porch View

  • Purple Magic

  • Red Moon

  • Red Road

  • Rooftop Quilt

  • Rooftop Sunset

  • Running Free

  • Sacred Water

  • Sand Design

  • Serenity

  • Shaman Dance

  • Spirits in the Lake

  • Starry Night

  • Stream Clouds

  • Stream Magic

  • Sundays Calling

  • Sun Painting

  • The Birch's View

  • The Cool View

  • The Crying Barn

  • The Dance of the Branch

  • The Dance of the Leaves

  • The King's Tunnel

  • The Moon Seat

  • The Path is Lit

  • The Road to the Blue Sky

  • The Tree's View

  • The Tree's View (2)

  • Three Ships

  • Walk to the Sea

  • Welcome Home

  • Welcoming the Water Spirit

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