Abstract Artwork

The following paintings are original oil paintings by Jill Mattson, creating with divine inspired guidance!

All works are Jill Mattson Originals. For more information about oil painting size, emailĀ jillimattson@yahoo.com. Please feel free to make her an offer for the painting!

Click thumbnails to enlarge the images.

  • Alien Dance

  • Balancing

  • Becoming Lighter

  • Broken Heart

  • Dancing Girl

  • Deep in Thought

  • Delicate Fringe

  • Dream Clouds

  • Energy Delight

  • Flower Harmony

  • Flower Night

  • Flower Power

  • Fountain of Joy

  • Fresh Ice

  • Going into the Music

  • Green Song

  • Hypocracy

  • Ice-breaking

  • I have to take orders from her

  • Into My Soul

  • Into the Flow

  • Joy Rising

  • Lifting Time

  • Melting Flowers

  • Melting Sun

  • Mirror Spirit in the Wind

  • Music Plays Me

  • Mysteries of the Mountain

  • Nature's Spirits Rising

  • Night Dance

  • Night Romance

  • People from the other Planet

  • Pirates' Fun

  • See Through Music's Eyes

  • Softness

  • Solid Rising

  • Spider Web

  • Split Decision

  • Sun Bubbles

  • Symphony in Flowers

  • The Contact Person

  • The Eyes See All

  • Underwater Nest

  • Up into the Dance

  • Volcanic Feelings

  • Woodland Flowers

  • Into Myself

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