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 Healing Sound and Meditative Music Composer and Author
Jill Mattson, Healing Sound Composer and Author

Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing! She has produced nine CDs with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques, & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits. Jill is a four-time author. (The Lost Waves of Time – Best Book of 2016 and Best Alternative Science book of 2016; Deep Wave Body Healing CD– Best Sound Healing CD of 2016, Contacting Angels & Masters CD – Best CD of 2015 and Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD – Silver Award).

COVR Awards (International New Age trade Association)

  • Best Book of 2016; The Lost Waves of Time
  • Best Alternative Science book of 2016: The Lost Waves of Time
  • Best Sound Healing CD of 2016: Deep Wave Body Healing
  • Best Visionary Product – People’s Choice of 2016: Deep Wave Body Healing
  • Best Music of 2015 – People’s Choice – Contacting Angels and Masters
  • Best Music - silver award 2012: Deep Wave Beauty

National Teleseminars

  • Darius – You Wealth Revolution
  • Beyond the Ordinary
  • Healthier Living with Adoley Odunton
  • Heart ache to Joy
  • About 10 more teleseminars


I have been featured in magazines MANY hundreds of times, including:

  • Om times Magazine and featured as cover story (International Magazine)
  • Wisdom Magazine - about 12 times (NY, PA, New England print & online)
  • Evolve – national magazine – been in about ten times
  • Nexus Magazine
  • Watkins – London (many times)
  • Infinity


  • Featured Speaker at Life Spectrums (PA, MD, DL)
  • Lily Dale Assembly (NY)
  • Fellowships of the Spirit (Lily Dale NY)
  • Susan Duval Seminars (Philadelphia)
  • Cayce Center (New York)
  • HHH Seminars (Cleveland)
  • On staff at NITE school of Naturopathy in MI
  • Akasha Mystery Schools (Van Couver)


MANY hundreds of them, almost always asked back as a favorite guest!

Lists and Marketing Reach

  • Email List about 7,000
  • Face book 5,000
  • Linked In 3,000

Download A Modern Sound Healing Revolution with Ancient Roots (PDF), an Article by Jill Mattson

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Ideas to discuss on a Radio or TV Show

Healing Sound Exercises for Listeners

I can explain to listeners how they can use these techniques to receive personal and practical benefits.

  • How can you use healing sound for health?
  • nanoVoice
  • Toning
  • Sounds of silence
  • Changing your voice
  • Use sound to increase your IQ
  • How healing sound can help you learn quicker
  • Sounding out pain
  • Sound healing Reike
  • Healing sounds to charge your crystals
  • Grounding and heavenly energy
  • Body Flossing with healing sounds
  • Increasing your aura with healing sound
  • Magic Words
  • Listen while you sleep
  • You are a big part of sound healing: listen, feel, and cry if you feel want to!
  • Harmonizing with disharmony
  • Using healing sound to clear chakras
  • Harmonics- charge neo cortex of brain- gives you energy
  • Crystal singing
  • Mantras
  • Entrainment
  • Whole brain functioning with healing sound
  • Opening the pineal gland with a sound chant
  • Sound and light machines: amp up your IQ, health, help change quicker, get energy, learn to meditate quickly and deeply, and get rest
  • Finding your soul note, balancing your entire body or specific organs with tones

Special Frequencies

What they are, what they impact, and how we can best utilize them.

  • Musical Astrology how significant astrological frequencies are and how to musically realign them
  • Star Tones - What are star tones and how do they help us? - Astrology Frequencies -
  • Solfeggio tones, reverse solfeggio tones, spin energy
  • Chakra tones
  • Opening new chakras
  • Fibonacci tones and phi
  • The Devil's Diabolist
  • Inverted frequencies/Frequency sweeps
  • DNA tones
  • Organ tones
  • Otoacoustic Emissions
  • Special tones
  • Binaural beats
  • Names of God
  • Hermetic Magic
  • Channeled Energies

How Healing Music Influenced Consciousness throughout the Ages

A discussion of music through the ages, secrets of how music affects consciousness and how it was used for beneficial purposes

  • Lemurian music
  • Atlantean music
  • Ancient Mystery Schools
  • Ancient Chinese- balancing, elementary sounds, directions,
  • Ancient Hindu music Mantras, elementary sounds, musical astrology
  • Ancient Egyptian music, sounds and shapes, staying in power, Hermetic magic
  • Ancient Greek, the star of David's secrets! Music creating personalities
  • Music in the Middle and Dark Ages
  • Classical Music
  • Jazz/ Blues
  • Rap/Heavy Metal
  • Native American music
  • The music of Sri Swamiji, an ascended master on Earth, who heals with music.

Your Voice

I can discuss the vibratory energy within our own voice and how to modulate it for practical and beneficial purposes

  • How to change your voice and transform
  • Changing our personality, quickly by changing the sound of your voice
  • Power in your voice, making your affirmations powerful
  • The power of words, languages & Names of God, Languages of Light
  • Elemental sounds: in relationships, in voices and in health
  • Healing Sounds
  • How can your voice change your energy?
  • Your different voices and what you are communicating
  • Work of Sharry Edwards
  • Vocal profiling
  • Profiling changes with topic
  • Changes when you aren't sincere or telling the truth
  • Your voice shows your emotions, health, thoughts
  • What are you telling other people about how you want to be treated??

Healing Music

I can discuss the sound healing techniques used in my CDs, and how they impact the listener

  • Channeling
  • Composing
  • Fibonacci & Solfeggio tones
  • Star Tones
  • Elemental Tones
  • Healing Flower Frequencies
  • Musical Bach Flower Remedies
  • Chakra Clearing Tones
  • Youthening Frequencies
  • Musical Astrology


Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write Ancient Sounds Modern Healing and Secret Sounds ~ Ultimate Healing?

Secret Sounds Ultimate Healing - how to heal with sounds within the body, like sounds to improve your digestion, diabetes and nutrition, pathways of sound within the body, how to use your voice as a vibrational tool for spiritual development, change your relationships and personality.

Ancient Sounds Modern Healing How to use sound/music to change your Intelligence, Health & Energy. Sound and music to clear chakras; sound healing exercises, and sounds of the stars

  • Ancient Sounds Modern Healing covers the benefits of sounds such as; sounds to increase intelligence, emotions, health, energy, astrology, chakras... Explain these benefits.
  • Discuss your upcoming books?
  • Tell us about how sounds creates health in the body and about Sharry Edward's BioAcoustics. How do the sounds of our own voice affect us?

How Music Relates to the Positive Energy of Manifesting

  • Music amplifies energy. Use healing music to increase your positive energy and thus increase your power of attraction. I can discuss how sound, the creative force of the universe, can be harnessed for our own personal manifesting.
  • Change your voice to amplify affirmations
  • Octave resonance and manifesting
  • Eliminating conflicting astrology
  • Sounds is creative force, concocting your manifesting sounds

Fascinating Questions

  • How can music harmonics and intervals affect your chemicals that your body makes for its own health?
  • How are music and meditation related?
  • In what ways can music produce energy?
  • How can healing music reduce or eliminate learning disabilities?
  • Can music really heal, or is it something we just enjoy?
  • Why do people like different music? Is there something scientific about it?
  • Will any music work or does it have to be special music?
  • How is music linked to evolution?
  • How is music linked to our spirituality?
  • How can music affect plant growth?
  • Discuss the work of Ph. D. Sternheimer - the recorded sounds of amino acids
  • Discuss the impact of bird songs and their effect on plant growth, and the company Sonic Bloom.
  • Why is such a powerful modality? ... perhaps the strongest?
  • How do tones create chemical effects in your body
  • What is the significance of harmonic and patterns of tones in your body?
  • How can you use healing sound for Spirit guides/contact?
  • Can sound be used to control populations?
  • How can sound be used to get people to go to war?
  • Can sound be used as a weapon?
  • How can sound effect mass consciousness?
  • How is sound used in the medical field? (Echocardiogram, MRI, Sonograms, TENS, Pacemakers, blast kidney stones, heal bones faster)
  • How can specific sound/music affect your physical health?
  • Discuss the history of music, how music effects mass consciousness and people in general.
  • What are encodings in sound? How can sound slip past our left cognitive brain, and help us release subconscious negative baggage?
  • What are the pathways of hearing or vibratory communication within your body? Within your skin, bones, organs, subtle bodies?
  • I know you've written a couple books about secret societies and their use of sound to do everything from impact consciousness to improve physical well-being. What were some of the most surprising things you discovered as you explored the ancient texts and went on this journey?
  • Does this unique period of time that we are in right now have special sounds or vibrations that can help us raise our own vibration and level of consciousness and if so, what are they?
  • You teach about the frequencies of the Ascended Masters, Angels and Guides. Can you describe that a bit for us? How would one use these frequencies?
  • We all have a unique vibratory signature, as well as unique strengths and challenges that changes as we evolve over time, as well as a unique sound signature that corresponds to that. How do we figure out what is our unique composite tone?
  • Ancient advanced civilizations created sounds specifically to provide spiritual, emotional, and mental gifts for their people. Can you describe what you've discovered along those lines and how it varied from civilization to civilization (Chinese to Greek, etc.)
  • How does musical astrology work and are there actual musical astrologers in the world?
  • You thrive in the world of music and tone. Are there certain tones that are the most healing? And if so, are they universally the most healing or does it change depending on the specific vibration of the individual listening?
  • We can use tones or frequencies to do very powerful things and even daily things like combating negative energies or challenges. How does that work and can you provide some examples?
  • Do you envision a time in the near future that we begin to heal more with sound and vibration?
  • What is perhaps the greatest gift you have gleaned as a result of doing the work that you are doing today and how has it impacted your life?

Discuss the Work of:

  • Hans Jenny
  • Emoto
  • Sharry Edwards
  • Fabien Maman
  • Jeffrey Thompson - fundamental frequency
  • Dr. Tomatis sound to get rid of ADHD, LD, hypersensitivity, improve singing and motor control

Show Ideas

(Email me and I will send you sound healing clips to benefit your listeners)

  • Play a clip of each Healing Flower Symphony. Let listeners experience emotional healing of 12 emotions.
  • Releasing negative energies, releasing pain, strengthening positive emotions
  • Play clips of music embedded with star tones, elemental energy, Fibonacci tones, Solfeggio frequencies, rejuvenating frequencies and chakra tones.
  • Contact Information for Jill Mattson:

Offer this Free Gift To your Listeners!

Adventure into the World of Healing with Sound!

Free Sound Healing mp3s

Marvel at a new type of music, targeted for benefits! Music was used in this way in antiquity. Special frequencies expand our consciousness; musical intervals, rhythms and harmonics may be directed to produce beneficial effects!

Paint your Soul CD - Fibonacci, phi tones and ancient Solfeggio tones are embedded in this soul soothing music! Ancient people listened to these to enhance spiritual enlightenment and uplift their souls.

Star Dust CD - Music containing the sounds of movements of the planets (astrology) and trace elements in stars - converted into sounds in this healing music! People listen to the stars to harmonize with the heavens and balance astrological energy. Also included within the heavenly music are the associated frequencies of carbon, hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen found in the stars and in our bodies. Tune up!

Healing Flower Symphonies - Vol. I and Vol. II - Soul therapy by listening to the literal sounds of flower energy (Bach Flower Remedies), embedded in delightful music! Frequencies and music clear negative emotional energy and build positive feelings!

Free sound healing mp3s at bottom of home page and at Jill's Healing Music