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Music Aspect 1: Intervals

An interval is a technique used in music where two different notes are sounded at the same time. The individual notes combine to produce a new sound effect different than either of the two originals. This phenomenon is due to the interaction of the sound waves comprising each note. Remember sound waves are like waves on the ocean – only they are traveling through air. When two waves interfere constructively you get a higher wave – a higher pitch. When two sound waves interfere destructively you get a lower note. Simply put, sound waves are energy and when two or more interact, they change each other.

When the brain receives tones that are presented extremely close to the ears (as when you wear headphones) the brain can only “hear” one tone at a time. If you play a different tone into each ear (with head phones), then the brain combines and averages both tones, and you hear a pulsing sound which is the average of the two tones. What is thrilling about this is that you have just introduced “whole brain” functioning - both your right and left brain hemispheres are working together processing this information. Regular use of “whole brain” functioning has been shown to enhance intelligence. Studies also suggest that this phenomenon makes your brain more nimble and flexible, reducing mental decline.

Certain intervals impact our states of consciousness and produce different feelings. For example, a major fifth interval produces a harmonious, spiritual feeling while a major seventh interval produces a moody emotion and a minor third creates a melancholy feel. Amazingly different sound intervals create unique feelings and moods. Techniques employing sound intervals have shown impressive results relieving depression and other negative emotions such as loneliness, pity and anger.

Jill Mattson, author, musician and composer, seeks to further the use of sound in healing. She is committed to teaching techniques that enhance spiritual, mental and physical growth through vibratory energy, and encourages communication and the universal sharing of new information on Sound Healing around the world.

Jill combines her extensive research of modern Sound Healing with the 20+ year study of ancient civilizations and secret societies in her works. Discover a multitude of Ancient and Modern Techniques using Sound Energy and special Sound Healing Frequencies to achieve remarkable results. Realize Tomorrow's Total Wellness Today!


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