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Healing From Different Dimensions by Jill Mattson

Dimensions - sounds like new-age mumbo-gumbo that is difficult to grasp, but surprising there is much we know about the crazy idea of dimensions. For starters, a dot belongs to the first dimension, whereas a line links to the realm of two dimensions. Width, heath and length link to the third dimension. We add the energy of time and voila! We have another dimension. And seriously, would we really think that with all the possibilities that there are no other dimensions? Even science has shown mathematically the existence of theoretical dimensions.

So what do we know? The dot is a small part of a line. Let’s use the lines to draw designs for a paper house that we construct that has width, height and depth. If we were the dot, we would make decisions on the information contained with the dot. If we were the line, we would make decisions based on the "line information," and so on. But notice that more energy is contained in higher dimensions. In ancient times medicine men and mages used meditative techniques and brain entrainment processes to allow their minds and emotions to go to other dimensions, and retrieve information. Back to our example: surely the dot consciousness would benefit by knowing all of the information that the line knows - the line holding potentially infinite dots. Likewise throughout the ages man has gone to higher dimensions to retrieve information to make a "bigger picture" decision. Perhaps our future selves reside in another dimension or other selves live in a parallel or a higher dimension. Today, perhaps we could go to a meditative state to observe ourselves after we have solved a current problem (energy follows intent - think of Schrodinger’s Cat Experiment in psychics). We could use method to retrieve information, energy and answers to current problems.

Energy flows both ways. We can go to a higher dimension and retrieve information like our ancestors did. We can also go to other dimensions and leave information. Why would we do this? Would the line care about the dot? The dot is a portion of the line. Another example is "do you care about your finger?" Your finger is a part of your body. And yes the safety and well being of your fingers are important to you. So we could meditatively enter a higher dimension and leave an S.O.S. for help (is this prayer?). We could also work through negative energy from a dimensional twin or become ill, with the soul the root cause. What about entering an altered mental state, connecting to the energy of a person that we wish to do business with and leave a message with them to contact us? Mediumship is well known today, but what about doing it in reverse! The implications and benefits of this practice are staggering!

Does what happen in one dimension affect what happens in another? Are these realms independent or interdependent? Look at the dimensions that we are sure of - the first to third dimensions. Let’s take the paper house that we constructed with our line drawings on a piece of paper. Now we will set fire to that paper house. When the paper house is nothing but ashes does the line exist? Does the circumstance of one dimension affect another? In our example about the body and the finger - if the body dies, is the finger impacted? Of course! Being very intuitive, many times I have gotten a bad feeling about a situation only later to see snippets of a past life which was the root cause of my bad feeling. For example if I drown in my last life, changes are I am terrified of water in this life. There is bleed through from one dimension to another.

To understand how this works recall musical studies. With the process of resonance, energy from an E string of a violin will transfer to a nearby E string of another violin. Invisible sound energy transfers on the same note, an octave of it and several harmonious intervals of this root note. When we listen to peaceful and uplifting music we change our emotions, brainwaves and even physicality. Now we discover that music can also affect us dimensionally.

The famed Music of the Spheres takes on new meaning. The Music of the Spheres is higher dimensional wave information - codes and sound matrices. And we thought music was mere entertainment? Dimensions are subsets of information. Music is also a subset of information, shaping and influencing us - in our body, mind, emotions and dimensions! Ancient people knew this and used music to incorporate healing patterns found in nature and from advanced beings, which I have incorporated into my music! The ancient portholes are opening up again!

Jill Mattson, author, musician and composer, seeks to further the use of sound in healing. She is committed to teaching techniques that enhance spiritual, mental and physical growth through vibratory energy, and encourages communication and the universal sharing of new information on Sound Healing around the world.

Jill combines her extensive research of modern Sound Healing with the 20+ year study of ancient civilizations and secret societies in her works. Discover a multitude of Ancient and Modern Techniques using Sound Energy and special Sound Healing Frequencies to achieve remarkable results. Realize Tomorrow's Total Wellness Today!


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